Cash Flow Clubs Trinidad & Tobago

#12 Pasea Main Road Tunapuna, Trinidad. W.I.

We are an official Cashflow Club of the Rich Dad Company.

Our radical approach, tailored for our local challenges, uses the concept of self-sustainability or
rather, financial stability and financial intelligence, to change the attitude of employees toward
their expectations of their jobs and employers.

- Teach staff how to use the money they earn to get out of a vicious, depressing cycle of paying bills
and increasing debt
- Show them how to use money wisely to become less frustrated and seek deeper gratification from
the workplace, instead of demanding more money
- Encourage enterprising ideas; spark creativity and problem-solving skills
- Broaden their understanding of business by elevating their thinking and financial IQ
- Eliminate the negative ideas they have about business and employers
- Motivate them to be proactive, seek opportunities and contribute to solving business problems
This program sparks creativity and a desire to positively contribute to the growth of business by
teaching people to change how they view their dependence on a salary and how to use that salary
in a more financially prudent way, to eliminate their frustration and make them better employees.

What we offer is a hands-on financial training program that has been extremely successful in
getting people to take action. It is more effective than the typical classroom-styled education,
especially when it comes to teaching business, accounting, investing and financial literacy.

 Learn why a higher financial IQ can make you rich
 Learn what you need to raise capital for your investments
 Learn how to invest, even during a recession
 Reinforce the fact that anyone can become rich and financially free, no matter the salary
 Learn the basics of investing and financial literacy
 Learn how to read investments and financial statements
 Learn how to build a successful business system
Lesson 1: Why your banker doesn't ask you for your report card.
This session focuses on the financial statement which is considered to be your report card when you leave school. Participants will learn the income statement, balance sheet and how it all relates to each other.

Lesson 2: Why hard work....doesn't work.
There are four types of people in the business world today: employees, self-employed, business owners and investors; in this session we focus on what characteristics define each of them.

Lesson 3: Is your home an asset?
Here we encourage a healthy debate on the definition of an asset and its difference from a liability.

Lesson 4: Are you playing to Win?
“Business and Investing is a team sport”- Robert Kiyosaki.
This session focuses on the team and what it takes to hold them together, even under pressure.

Lesson 5: Why savers are losers
Not many people understand what inflation is, this session focuses the discussion on why a higher financial IQ is important, especially in these times of high inflation.

Lesson 6: Good Debt vs Bad Debt
People take loans for various reasons, in this session we discuss taking on debt for liabilities, assets, and the difference between the two.

Lesson 7: Why it doesn't take money to make money
True entrepreneurs and investors raise capital for their investments; we’ll show the basics in this session.

Lesson 8: Why Investing isn't risky
What makes investing risky is not having the proper financial education necessary to make the right investment decisions.

Lesson 9: Focus vs Diversity
This session sparks a heated debate between those that believe in diversification and those that focus. The world’s top investors, including Warren Buffet (fundamental investing) believe in focus.

Lesson 10: It's time to focus on you!!
This session focuses on you, the entrepreneur or investor. We discuss personal development and what is required to make it in the world of business and investing.