Our project consultants  have all worked extensively within Trinidad and Tobago and regionally. Collectively we have at least 200 years of experience in various areas of organizational development.

We consider ourselves an enabler for you. We create an environment that makes participants comfortable to express themselves, foster problem solving skills, create solutions and promote positive contributions in the workplace.

Conrod LeRoy Shuffler
Makeisha Bahadur-Maharaj
Dr. Barbara Duncan
Meet some of our expert facilitators
Michelle Low Chew Tung
Lydia Mattison
Caryl Pierre Chase
Intactt Group Ltd was born out of a desire to see business flourish through the development of their people.Our people are so diverse, with varying levels of skills, backgrounds and ambitions, motivating them takes a unique approach. Getting employees to want to give their best starts with the right perspective or attitude, and this is where our training begins.

Inspired and guided by one of the most influential faces in the financial industry, Conrod Shuffler, has been our support and anchor through our own growth and development. Our technical and strategic direction and programme development is overseen by Makeisha Bahadur-Maharaj who champions the organization's progress and ensures that we stay on track with our solutions.

Executive Management retreats/bootcamps
Strategic Planning
Management Development Programmes
Conducting Effective Interviews
Train the Trainer certification
Developing and Implementing Performance management systems
Project Management (All levels)
Stress and Time management
Effective Supervisory Skills
Developing Knowledge Workers
Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking and Problem solving skills
Fundamentals of Business Communication
Technical Business Writing
Proposal Writing

OUR APPROACH - Developing people and meeting training goals

Intactt Group Ltd provides training and consulting solutions to companies for the development and increased productivity of their staff.
How do you get staff to care about the jobs they do? How can you develop critical thinkers, problem solvers and people who take owership of their work? How do you get staff to focus on goals and work toward them despite interpersonal conflicts? Can a training session achieve these? Definitely not! Training does not change people overnight! This is why we create LEARNING EXPERIENCES in every workshop.
Experiential Learning (Learning through experience) is one of the best methods for achieving lasting, positive change in employee behaviour.

Our Learning Experiences are built in to each workshop, carefully crafted to reflect scenarios, emotions and challenges faced on the job. Participants are given the opportunity to manage the scenario and are required to reflect on their approach in a professionally facilitated environment. Through this experience and reflection, they change their perception, attitude, behaviour and learn how to perform the task better the next time they are faced with it.

This approach may sound simple enough, but it requires us to serve our clients with thorough assessments, research, design and customization of every, single workshop. We take pride in providing this service to our clients and they in turn they continue to seek our expertise in various organizational development areas within their organizations.

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